Individual Clients

Clarus is authorised to provide advice to members of the public.

All of our services to individuals are offered on a wholly independent basis; the term 'independent' is defined in regulation and based on a) carrying out a ‘fair analysis’ in framing the advice and b) the basis of remuneration. Our charging structure is simple and fully transparent. We charge time-based fees and do not receive commission or any other remuneration from product providers.

Portfolio Review and Monitoring

Many individuals have built up substantial portfolios over time and these are often split between a number of managers. The overall portfolio may be relatively inefficient and costly. We can advise on portfolio consolidation or replacement; we can also comment on value for money and suggest how to lower costs.

Lump Sum Investment

If you have a significant lump sum to invest for the long term – perhaps an inheritance, a court award, Lotto win or the proceeds of selling a business - we can advise on a strategy appropriate to your financial needs and objectives. We can also advise in relation to implementing that strategy.

We can also manage a process of selecting a wealth manager(s) on your behalf.


There will always be situations where individuals believe that advice or product recommendations provided to them were not suitable or appropriate. We assist individuals and their legal teams in the pursuit of redress and where appropriate act as Expert Witness. We also advise parties against whom allegations of mis-selling have been made.

Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

We provide analysis and due diligence on investments approved for Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP).