Individual Clients

Clarus is authorised to deal with members of the public. In this arena, we focus on a set of niche investment services which can augment the advice you receive elsewhere.

All of our services to individuals are offered on a wholly independent basis. We charge a time-based fee to the client, and do not receive commission or any other remuneration from product providers. In any case where a referral fee is paid to another advisor, the full details will be disclosed to you.

Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes

SSAP investors often seek independent, professional investment advice – either because it is not offered by their Pensioneer Trustee company, or to supplement the advice of the Pensioneer Trustee. We offer a comprehensive portfolio review service to SSAPs, where we offer guidance on investment strategy and assistance in developing your existing portfolio in a well-diversified and cost-efficient manner. We charge a fixed fee for the initial overhaul, and a smaller annual fee for a regular review & update service. Contact us for further details.

Lump Sum Investment

If you have a significant lump sum to invest for the long term, we can advise on how to do so in a manner appropriate to your financial needs and objectives. If you need advice on reviewing or reconstructing an existing portfolio, we offer a service similar to that for SSAPs above. Contact us for further details.

‘Fair Deal' Assessment

Many investors have cause to be dissatisfied with their existing providers of investment advice and products. The most frequent issues involved are:

Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

We provide analysis and due diligence on investments approved for the IIP. Our advice is fee-based and strictly independent.

Excessive Costs

In our experience, many consumers of financial advice/services pay ongoing charges which are far higher than necessary. We can review your investment costs, and help reduce their impact by rationalising the portfolio and securing better terms from existing providers.


We have encountered many personal investors who have valid concerns that advice or product recommendations provided to them were not suitable or appropriate. We offer an appraisal service in which we compare the “Know Your Client” documentation (recorded by the advisor/provider) with the advice or recommendation received, and advise on seeking redress if appropriate. See our Note on Mis-selling  for more detail.

Contact us to find out more about this service.